01 Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge is a suspension bridge with a total length of about 800 m that
connects the coastal area of Tokyo with the city center, and is famous for its
frequent appearance in movies and dramas. Opened in 1993.

It has a two-story structure, with the Metropolitan Expressway on the upper
floor, the Waterfront New Transit System (Yurikamome) in the center of the
lower floor, and the harbor road on both sides. There are sidewalks on both
sides of the normal roads, and you can walk across.

The name of the Rainbow Bridge was determined by the public. There were
20,023 submissions. The rainbow bridge contains the ideas of many people.

The Rainbow Bridge illumination lights up the Port of Tokyo beautifully,
combining with the night view of the bay area and high-rise buildings in the city center.

The main tower is illuminated in white, and the lower part of the bridge girder is
illuminated in greenish white. The cable illumination varies based on the time, day,
and events. The world's first bridge with three different illumination colors! During
the year-end and New Year holidays, a special illumination shines in rainbow colors.

A mesmerizing night spot with a rainbow bridge, just like a future city from SF. The
Rainbow Bridge gives the feel of a typical Tokyo night.