Roadside Environment

To reduce environmental burdens along the road and maintain harmony with the surrounding regions

We are implementing a variety of measures to reduce noise and vibrations along Metropolitan Expressway and improve the atmospheric environment of the surrounding regions.

Noise and vibration measures

Installation of sound insulation walls

Sound insulation walls are installed for the purpose of reducing noise along the road in order to maintain a comfortable living environment.
We are currently working on adopting sound insulation walls to not only reduce noise but also take landscape into account.

Installation of backside sound absorbing plate

The back side sound absorbing plate is a plate installed on the underside (back side) of the viaduct. By installing a sound absorbing plate on the back side, it is possible to reduce the noise from the street reflected on the underside of the viaduct.

Maintenance of high-performance pavement

Normal pavement

High-performance pavement

By using a material with many voids in the pavement material, the compression of air between the road surface and the tire is reduced. There by the noise (air pumping noise) generated when the compressed air is released due to the friction between the tire and the road surface of the automobile is reduced. We will proceed with the maintenance of high-performance pavements.

Implementation of non-joint construction

Non-joint construction

By eliminating the joints on the road surface, we will realize smooth running without shocks, reduce noise and vibration, and proceed with non-joint construction. After construction, there is no need to repair the joints (replacement of joints), so it is possible to reduce traffic congestion associated with repair work.


Please avoid overloading because it can damage the roads and cause noise and vibrations

Atmospheric Environment Improvement

Implementation of environmental road pricing discount

Automobile exhaust and other harmful substances have an impact on the atmospheric environment along the Kanagawa No. 1 Yokohane Line.

This pricing discount will help improve the atmospheric environment along the Kanagawa No. 1 Yokohane Line.

In order to improve the environment along the Yokohane Line, we will promote the conversion from the Yokohane Line to the Bayshore Route by discounting the fare for large and oversized vehicles that use the Bayshore Route or Kawasaki Line.

  • For details on the environmental road pricing discount, please also refer to the Environmental Road Pricing Discount leaflet.

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