Recycling Society

To realize a sustainable society aiming to reduce the environmental burden

We effectively use by-product materials produced from construction sites to improve the recycling rate and help develop a recycling society.

To reduce the environmental burden

Our efforts to reduce the environmental burden in construction

We effectively use the construction by-products of soil and concrete mass as recycled resources and have made efforts to reduce the environmental burden.

Image of our recycling flow
Image of our recycling flow


Example of effective utilization

  • A part of excavated soil generated in tunnel construction work is reused.
  • The steel outer shell of the shield machine used for tunnel construction is used for the tunnel body.

Promotion of CIRCULATION SHUTOKO project

Effective use of waste materials from Metropolitan Expressway as part of our environmentally friendly efforts.
We are working on a recycling project to reuse secondhand materials such as banners installed on Metropolitan Expressway for tote bags.

Procurement of environmental goods

According to the Basic Policy on Promoting Green Procurement of the Act on Green Purchasing, we promote the procurement of environmental resources.

Policy to Promote Procurement of Environmental Goods(FY 2021)

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