Basic policies 1

New approaches
for strengthening network functions

To ensure the maximum effective utilization of the Metropolitan Expressway infrastructure,
we will promote traffic management that utilizes the existing network wisely,
to further enhance convenience and reduce CO2 emissions from vehicle traffic.

Leading projects 1

Promote traffic management
that utilizes existing networks wisely

SDGs 3,7,11,13

STAGE1Smooth and pleasant road services

Not only will we maximize utilization of our existing technological skills,
but we will also harness the benefits reaped from steadily implementing projects in Tokyo
to enhance the usability of our strengthened metropolitan highway network,
reduce environmental impact and contribute to increased eco-driving.

○Use of escort lights to limit slowing of traffic
○Improvement to information provided by signs and road markings for safe and comfortable motoring
○Enhancements such as adding lanes and expanding merging sections
○Application of traffic data to provide lane guidance in merging sections
○Operational improvement to lane demarcation for safe and comfortable motoring
○Facilitation of traffic flows with measures such as dynamic congestion charging
○Streamlining of works to reduce impact on traffic
○Faster response to accidents and breakdowns

Use of escort lights to limit slowing of traffic

Improved lane demarcations to suit traffic conditions

We are improving lane demarcations that adapt to traffic conditions,
due to the traffic jams caused in merging sections where two lanes become one.


Controlling CO2 by Diverting Traffic

CO2 emissions from vehicles on Metropolitan Expressway in 2020 are estimated to be about 1.43 million tons per year. Assuming that all of these vehicles travel on ordinary roads at an average speed of 29 km/h, CO2 emissions are estimated to be about 1.86 million tons per year. This leads to the presumption that it is reduced by about 23% (about 430,000 tons per year) on Metropolitan Expressway.

STAGE1Promoting customer behavior change

We will enhance the safety and comfort of the driving experience by providing more information to customers.

○Provision of full information to encourage avoidance of traffic congestion




Free smartphone apps. We provide real-time traffic congestion information and suggest alternate routes.

Leading projects 2

Enhance networks

SDGs 3,6,7,9,11,12,13,14,15,17

STAGE1Network upgrades

We will improve access to the Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway,
downtown Tokyo and Saitama New Urban Center.

STAGE1Upgrading of existing network
Elimination of bottlenecks and missing links

We will investigate the new development or relocation of entrances and exits
in order to better distribute traffic and further develop the plan for a new orbital expressway for Tokyo.


STAGE1A network that continues to function during roadworks

In order to maintain the functioning of the network even as large-scale upgrading works are underway,
we will investigate ways to strengthen functionality,
such as building additional lanes and improving merger sections on roads used for detours around the works.


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