Let’s learn about the environment

Learning about the environment leads to protect our living

On TV news and on the Internet, there are news reports about the environment on a daily basis.
But why is so much information being transmitted?
Here, why environmental are efforts necessary and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are explained.
In addition, various environmentally friendly efforts that Metropolitan Expressway is conducting are introduced.

Why environmental
efforts are necessary?

It is said that one of the major causes of climate change is the major environmental change called global warming.
Huge hurricanes and wildfires are occurring in many regions of the world. Japan has also been hit by heavy rains and typhoons that have never been experienced, and much life-threatening damage is occurring all over the world.

Thawing of permafrost
(Sea level rise)


Forest / desertification

Torrential rain

Now that the entire world is in crisis, let’s think together about what we need to know and how we should work to deal with such situations, and about the efforts that are required of us.

About the Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs)

International goals set by the United Nations under the slogan “Leave no one behind.” The goals were adopted on September 25, 2015, and the achievement targets by 2030 were set for the realization of a sustainable world.

Two Key Points of the SDGs

An important keyword in the SDGs is sustainability. Let’s check what kind of condition is sustainable and the specific goals for that.

Comprehensive Approach to Environment, Society and Economy

Comprehensive Approach to Environment, Society and Economy

The SDGs aim to resolve all of the environmental, societal, and economic issues of the world at the same time. Every element is essential to the realization of a sustainable world.

17 Goals and 169 Targets

17 Goals and 169 Targets

In order to realize the sustainable world, there are 17 goals set for what 2030 should be. In addition, 169 specific targets (achievement criteria) are also set to achieve each goal.

Environmental Efforts of
Metropolitan Expressway

Metropolitan Expressway is making various efforts to realize a better environment and coexist with local communities.



Connection with Intercity Highways and Environmental Measures along Roadsides

Because of the significant increase in traffic volume resulting from the connection with intercity expressways, such as the Chuo Expressway, environmental issues along Metropolitan Expressway became obvious. Efforts for roadside environmental measures, such as sound insulation walls and environmental facility zones, were started.



Network Expansion and City Landscape

In the early 1990s, because of the growing interest in the city landscape, we also worked to improve the city landscape, such as the designing of a landmark long bridge and beautifying of the elevated tracks on our operating routes.







New Efforts for Coexistence with Local Communities

Construction of new routes using tunnels was promoted in consideration of the roadside environment. In addition, new environmental efforts for coexistence with local communities, such as biodiversity conservation and energy conservation, were conducted.



For a Sustainable Society

Metropolitan Expressway will continue to promote highway renewal projects and contribute to reducing the environmental burden in order to maintain soundness for a long period of time while working on detailed inspections and repairs.

Let's take a look at specific efforts!