Nature symbiotic Society

We aim to create a society in harmony with nature by restoring nature and by promoting the greening of road spaces.

By promoting the conservation of biodiversity through natural regeneration and the greening of road spaces, we aim to utilize the areas as spaces fort cohabitation between natural habitats and local residents.

Initiatives for
Biodiversity Preservation

Ohashi Sato no Mori

"Ohashi Sato no Mori" is maintained on the roof of Ohashi Ventilation Center in Ohashi Junction.
As one of the bases of an ecological network that cooperates with the local green spaces and the nature of the Meguro River, it is a green space that can contribute to the improvement of the local environment.


Ohashi Sato no Mori
—natural regeneration green space

One of the bases of an ecological network that cooperates with the natural areas of the Meguro River


Meguro Sky Garden
—a rooftop park with rich greenery

Japan’s first park built on the roof of a circular loop junction


Wall Greening
—greenery in the city

Wall Greening that creates harmony with the surrounding environment (planting climbing figs)

Minuma Tanbo Shutoko Biotope

In the Minuma Tanbo area of the Saitama Shintoshin Route, we are aiming to be a "new urban expressway in harmony with nature".
In order to maintain the ecosystem of the Minuma Tanbo area, which is one of the few valuable green spaces left in the suburbs of the capital, we have a biotope with a length of 1.7 km and an area of 6.3 ha under the elevated expressway.

Minuma Tanbo Shutoko Biotope Area Map

For Living in Harmony
with the Surrounding Environment

Promotion of greening of road space

We are greening the road space to prevent global warming through the creation of better cityscapes, improvement of driving environment, and heat island countermeasures.
We are working to create “green spaces” by considering the surrounding environment and maintenance of roadsides, parking areas, junctions, etc.

Daishi Junction
Nishi-Shinjuku Ventilation Center Wall Greening
Tatsumi No.1 PA
Yoyogi PA Rooftop
Nishi-Shinjuku Junction Girder Greening
Yoyogi PA Wall Greening

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