02 Yokohama Bay Bridge

The Yokohama Bay Bridge, the symbol of the Port of Yokohama, is a cable-stayed bridge that connects Honmoku futo pier and Daikoku futo pier with a total length of 860 m. It has a two-story structure, with the Metropolitan Expressway Bay Shore Route passing through the upper floor and National Route 357 through the lower floor.
Opened in 1989. The bridge has shared history with the Heisei era.

There used to be a pedestrian road with a nice view, "Yokohama City Road Sky Walk", on the floor below the bridge, but it was closed in 2010. However, the decision was made to open it free of charge when passenger ships call, starting in April 2019.

* For details, please visit the Yokohama City website.

The night view with the Bay Bridge is visible from many tourist attractions in Yokohama including the
Osanbashi International Passenger Terminal, Daikoku-ohashi bridge, Daikoku futo Pier West Green Space, and Yamashita Park.

From sunset to midnight, the soaring main tower is currently illuminated by 264 projectors.

The colors of the main tower’s illumination change with the time. Yokohama locals know what time it is from the color of the Bay Bridge!?
Next time you look at the Bay Bridge, be sure to check its color!