Next-generation technology

Here are the technical initiatives
the Metropolitan Expressway
is undertaking for the next generation.


3D ETC Doctor

Prevents ETC malfunctions!
The two systems smartly check the invisible radio waves!

3D Electromagnetic Field Strength Measuring Vehicle

Lane closures were necessary for ETC inspection.
A vehicle-integrated system that enables the inspection without stopping the flow.

Radio Source Visualizing System

Works in conjunction with the videos to visually capture the invisible radio waves.
Enables more reliable malfunction prevention.



Captures damage on road surface accurately with both human and video tecnnology!
To Maintain roads in Good condition

The conventional visual inspection is combined with a full hi-vision video inspection system for more detailed sensing of damage condition.

Real-time sharing is possible with an emergency reporting system


Latest Tunnel Disaster Prevention Technology

Monitoring the tunnel on a 24x7 basis around the year for ensuring the driver's safety

Control room and sites are connected 24x7 around the year. Makes instant response of accidents and disasters.

Minimizing the injuries and guiding the car driver towards a safe evacuation by using anti-disaster facilities such as water spray fire extinguishing system, jet fan, etc.


Seismic Technology (Friction Damper)

Metropolitan expressways have a lot of bridges.
Friction dampers are used to control vibrations.

Friction dampers are used at the junction of a bridge girder and pier.
Friction damper absorbs the vibrations of the bridge girder and prevents the consequent shaking of the pier during a strong earthquake.

The "friction damper" uses the frictional force created when a dice supporting the rod tightly holds the rod.
When the rod starts to move during a strong earthquake, the damper absorbs the vibrations using the frictional force created by tightening the rod with the dice.